Pink  Alabaster  - W 41 x D 32.5 x H 68.5 cm

I created this sculpture during the first Coronavirus lockdown in England in 2020. The stone was marked with scars from a claw digger, from when it was dragged out of the earth. I decided to leave the scars visible as they were the beginning of the stone's new journey - almost like a birthmark. While I was carving the stone, the world was rapidly changing. People all around the world were forced to change their ways of living, their plans, their wishes and dreams. People died, people suffered, people were lonely; but also babies were born, people survived, people still laughed and dreamed, and there was always hope. There will be new challenges for the planet, and new ways to grow and overcome; people born today will solve problems we have yet to face. This sculpture depicts the beginning of a new life, and a new way of living, the potential growing like an embryo within the human race. That's why I called her Hope.