White Alabaster - W 33.5 x D 18 x H 45 cm

When I first saw this stone, it was covered in clay and sediment. Although it was not the most attractive stone in the yard, I was attracted to it and I had to find why. Somehow, I didn’t choose the stone; she chose me. Once I started carving, it was like digging out a treasure trove. It took a lot of care to remove the sediment without damaging the crystals, which were very fragile. After a lot of hard work, patience and determination, she showed me her treasures. Her crystals began to gleam. They had taken thousands and thousands of years to grow inside her. She was protecting them and that was her blessing. We all have our own treasures. Time, care, love, health, family and friends. It doesn’t matter what they are; this was a reminder to me to count my blessings.