Reclaimed Portland limestone, which was once part of King’s College Hospital in London.
Size: 69 H x 30 W x 30 D cm. 

A theme of my work is to find the story contained in each stone. The history of this stone was particularly interesting as it was once part of King’s College Hospital in London, where it silently witnessed many of life's major events which occurred on a daily basis within the building's grand stone walls. The number A28 on the stone is an original mason’s mark. This sculpture was from the very onset a tribute to life and a celebration of those whose lives started or ended at the hospital, as well as those who made the hospital their life's work. The form was inspired by the folds of a discarded hospital blanket, as though in a laundry basket, a most basic human comfort. The day that anybody takes their first breath or their last is for the gods to decide. All we can really do is offer Comfort.